Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lotsa of Love

I don't usually devote a whole blog about me, but for several reasons this seems like the day to do so. First my husband and I have been going through some negative experiences which have seemed overwhelming, and rather than sharing about those, I thought to think about the positive would be better for me mentally. Secondly some of you have wanted to know a little bit more about what makes me tick. Thirdly I just felt that this blog needed something different today. So here goes some of the things that give me pleasure.

FAMILY - I have 6 wonderful grandchildren, 3 marvelous children-in-law, and the 3 best children anyone can be blessed with. Intelligent, talented, caring and (to steal from Garrison Keiller) all above average.

Waiting to have fun!More waiting to have fun!!Finally having fun! (Have to look close.)

COLOR - I love the colors in the fabrics I'm working. I lay them out on my table and move them around until I like a combination. I feel like I'm working a creative muscle in the process and like with all exercise, it feels good when it comes together.

I love spring green. The new bright green seen only in the spring. This year with all my travels in April and May, I got to enjoy it over and over again from the hills and valleys near Bloomington, IN to the mountains of Virginia. What an amazing phenomenom nature is with the unfurling of leaves in such a vibrant green every year.

CATS - I don't have any cats because of some allergy problems in the family, but if only I could. They are such independent and confident creatures. Such grace of movement. All qualities I admire and am constantly trying to improve in myself. WORDS - The magic and power of words fascinates me. I love word games. Text Twist is my current online favorite. The NYT Sunday crossword puzzle is always a challenge.

I love puns and all sorts of humor about words. Commedian George Carlin was a genius in finding cultural foibles in our use of the English language. (The link is to his famous routine on the 7 words not allowed on TV. Actually not my favorite of his routines, but his most famous.)

I love poetry. The beauty and imagery of words. Check out Liz Scanlon's blog. The Austin children's writer is part of a group of bloggers who post poems they love every Friday.

Words carry me away to parts of the world I would never experience otherwise. Words have the power to hurt and the power to heal. A good example of this is Brene Brown's blog, Ordinary Courage. She encourages all her readers to live a full life despite obstacles of our own or others making.

Okay, I'm feeling better now. It always helps to concentrate on the good things in life. This is by no means a complete list for me, but this morning these were the things that popped into my mind. What are the things you love?


Susan said...

you know what inspires me? you! your compassion, intelligence and caring spirit are a daily reminder to me how good (or petty) I can be - and encourage me to be the former. thank you for your blog where I can get my Ellie fix. and for your endless friendship and love.

ellie said...

Susan,You make me cry. You are one of my daily inspirations for your intelligence, warmth, creativity and compassion.