Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Lamb

Meet Ryanne who at 4 is in her first dance recital. She has loved her first year of ballet/dance/movement lessons. And was so excited about her first recital. The adults, on the other hand, having some experience with children's recitals did not have the same level of excitement. After all she was going to be on stage for 4 minutes while the program ran 2 hours. Oh well, you love the child, marvel in her cuteness and enjoy her excitement.

Having said all that I was pleasantly surprised with this show. It was "The Story of Moses" in dance presented by Excelsior School of Dance located just north of Houston. The level of performance was quite high with a very talented pool of dancers. Of course nothing was as cute as the lambs but overall the director did a very good job of showcasing all levels of dancers within a story that moved forward at a good pace.So here are some pictures of the cutest lamb! She loved what she did! The lambs pranced, skipped and twirled their way into the hearts of the audience. And I'm looking forward to next year.

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