Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parent's Day

When growing up my Dad never let us celebrate Father's Day and only grudgingly acknowledge Mothers Day. His philosophy was that every day parents should be given love and respect. The special once a year days were artificially invented by card and gift manufacturers. So we were encouraged to skip the actual day with its gifts, but to remember our parents with calls and consistent considerations. Of course, being kids we really didn't listen well and did take time to honor our parents on both Mother's and Father's Day. Now even after their deaths I still stop and thank them on those days.

While cleaning out the remaining boxes from the closed retail space, I came across a poem my sister wrote for Mother's Day 2006 and sent around to her siblings. It talks about my Mom and one particular incident in her early teens. At the end in a few brief lines the poet captures the essence of the legacy my Mom left for all her children, what made her so special to us, why she has been and always will be one of my heroes. I hope I bring honor to her by continuing her quest.

...and Mother
picked up her tasks, pursuing the quest, always
striving to find her true, best self and hoping
to know, at last, enduring grace.

from "May Queen
by Linda Knowlton Appel
May, 2006

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