Thursday, July 17, 2008

The story of Annarella

This is a story of a dream. After many years as a corporate wife (complete with pearls and pumps), the harried but happy mother of three and a homemaker in many different locales , I retired to my dream - a retail boutigue. I knew I could never live my dream without a lot of help. And that's where Pamela, my son's wife, stepped in. She said let's go for it and we did. Her expertise in interiors, furniture and accessories melded with my love of art and fine crafts to create Annarella.

Now 8 years later this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team is going strong running a design and gift store called Annarella Home in the small town of Georgetown, Texas. We love meeting and helping people. We have fun finding great items to create comfortable and stylish homes for all our central Texas clients. Distinctive style combined with practical function is our passion whether it is in art work, furniture, kitchenware or stationery. We buy what is well-made and timeless. Our philosophy is that our customers deserve fine goods in their lives, and we search tirelessly to find the unusual at a good price. It all makes for an eclectic mix of casual elegance and intelligent design.

This blog will be the continuing story of our dream. A little bit of our personal history, stories from our store, some design tips, product highlights, and dreams of our future. Come along with us as we explore and explain life in a small town as a small business owner with a big dream.


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