Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures or Frustration part 2

Today I'm learning how to add images to this blog. I'm sure that with practice the process will become easy, but for now I'm a little frustrated.

This painting is from the artist who will exhibit in Annarella Home during September. Her name is Laurel Daniel. Her landscapes of Austin and the surrounding hill country are serene but brimming with the intense colors found here. (Yes, our skies are really this blue.) Annarella will be showing her from Sept. 5 through the 30th.

Most of you know that I have a love of art and feel strongly that Annarella must support artists. The sharing of life's experiences through images and words is what sets humans apart from animals. If we are not the creators of life's expressions than we must be the audience for the creations. One of our functions here at Annarella Home is to have a space where artist and audience come together. Visit the websites, listed on the side, of some very talented painters we show and admire.
Tyson Skross brings his European childhood to his complex images - not quite real or impressionistic but with acid colors and deep shadows; not quite gloomy but an underlying restless energy. His work is intelligent and emotionally controlled. I love the contrasts in color and in light.
Whoops, I don't kn ow what's up but for now I can't seem to upload any more images. I'll continue on tomorrow with more artists and their websites.
Oh, and a disclaimer, I and I alone are responsible for the terrible typos, creative spelling and gross grammatical mistakes. My apologies to all my smart readers.

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