Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fellow Bloggers

As promised today I'm creating a blog list. The ones I'm drawn to fall into 4 categories. The order is really not important but I have put them more or less as I discovered them. When my business coach, Jon Schallert, first talked about a blog as a business tool, I was clueless. Sure I'd heard the word but didn't know what it really meant. I figured it was solely for the young. But always interested in any tool that would help Annarella Home gain a larger audience, I started reading blogs.

Since Annarella Home specializes in interior decor, I used key words design and blog. Up pops poppytalk. Love at first read. Casual converstional style about design trends with a love of fine crafts thrown in. Through her blog roll I found a community interesting artists/craftsmen. I'll start adding some their blogs tomorrow. But back to those who spot and share product design, room design and clothes design. Some I check often are decor8, "fresh finds for hip spaces," ruby press, design for mankind "beauty lies in the details of design," and design sponge. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what's out there. For a complete listing of design and style blogs go to creature comforts. On the left side of her site you'll see the links for design sites. Cruising through all these sites is a great way to find out why so many of us are part of the blogging world.

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Laurel Daniel said...

So glad to find your page - keep telling the story and thanks for sharing!