Sunday, July 27, 2008

More pictures

Feast your eyes on these artists. Click on their names to go to their websites to see more.

Young artist, Dan Zinno, lives and works in Georgetown. His abtracts are vivid and energetic. I love his surfaces which can't fully be appreciated in photos. The top picture shows his pieces hanging in Annarella Home during his February show. The second photo is titled "Apologies to the Next Generation." He names his pieces in a variety of ways, including sometimes using an overheard comment while working on them. I always love hearing what his titles mean.

Another Georgetown artist, Don Snell, works with a sense of humor. This oil titled, "Staying Home from School," is whimsical and deceptively simple. Snell shows his childlike side here but many of his pieces are biting satire. He loves to make the viewer squirm a little. And yet his figurative work can be multi-layered and haunting. After 60 years of painting his subjects and paintings remain fresh and topical.

Enjoy looking at these artists. Let me know what you think.


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