Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Power of Quiet

The world is a noisy place. The TV blares with discordant views and hyperbole from commentators, politicians, "reality" shows, infomercials. Everyone is trying to get our attention by turning up the volume of their speech. I find myself yearning for some quiet. I think it is time for a quiet movement.
If only we could put a govenor on everyone's speech. You know like a govenor on a car that can cap the speed its going. All the views, opinions, pontificating, explaining, arguing,nitpicking, pointing fingers would be limited in their decibel range and exaggeration scale. Everyone would be forced into a quiet zone.

This is an old teacher trick. When the classroom gets too chaotic and no one is paying attention, a teacher has a choice. He/she can throw their voice into the cachophony, or they can turn their back, get very silent while writing on the board or otherwise occupied. If the teacher screams and yells he becomes a part of the chaos. If he chooses the quiet option, he/she raises above the bedlam. Soon the students become intriqued that the teacher is doing something different. Soon they realize that noone is paying attention to them. One by one they still and alert waiting for the teacher to clue them in. It really works.

So I would like to see more of us try the quiet option. It doesn't mean silence but a lessening of the noise. You don't think it will work? It doesn't mean we won't use persistence, but we won't be screamers. And if we turn our back on the hysterical yellers, they may stop without an audience. I'm a bit tired of reading about town meetings that have been hijacked by a vocal few with a singular agenda. What would take place if the audiences and politicians spoke back quietly and persistently that they would not respond to yelling or screaming? If this kind of quiet reaction is repeated over and over perhaps the verbal bullying would stop.

So think quietly about the possibilities of a, shhhh, quiet world. Take deep breaths and enjoy the tranquility. We could start a "quiet" revolution.

I'm ranting, but with my muting governor on.

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