Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Countdown

The sun is shining through my sewing room window, but the temperature is unusually chilly. Who left the refrigerator door open last night?
sunny skirt, size M (5-6)
I'm into the final countdown before the Red Poppy Festival which kicks off next Saturday. So much left to do. That dreaded to-do list is soooo long. Most of the sewing is done, but I have a few "if I can get to it" dresses and onesies I'm dying to do. a lot of the tasks are now organizational and business details. Print off handouts; tag everything; iron, iron, iron all the goodies; make headbands; gather all display items; stamp receipts. Seems endless, doesn't it?

Why go through all of this work for a show? I love meeting all the customers. I look forward to talking to the girls. The feedback is invalauble. For months I work in the solitary confines of my sewing room. A show gives me a chance to see if I'm designing and creating clothes that a little girl wants. Every smile affirms that I'm on the right track. Each excited buyer gives me a shot of love.

Recently a reader left a comment saying that Annarella Girl clothes made her smile. That is the ultimate compliment for me! When someone walks into my booth and smiles as he/she looks, I feel it as a warm hug. Does anyone remember the Oscar acceptance speech of Sally Fields when she exclaimed, "You love me! You really love me!?" I want to shout those words with every smile and each purchase. Yep, these are my creation "babies," and you think they are cute!!! I am a proud mom.

I hope you will be able to put up with my obsessing about Red Poppy. And it doesn't end there. Two days after, April 30, husband and I start the long drive to take Annarella Girl to the Wilmington Flower Market. Hooray!! Another dose of love, I hope.

Hey, if you are close to either show, stop in and say hi. I'd love to see you!! Now, I'm off to make some headbands. Busy, busy , busy.

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