Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Personal Assistant Needed

I used to think I would like a wife. You know for all those picky detail chores that fill our lives. But I'm updating my attitude and daydreaming about a personal assistant. What has pushed this latest fantasy?

Last night talking with the poet sister who was outlining all the many steps ahead of her to self-publish a chap book, I was totally stricken by the load of work ahead for her. Having written her poems and chosen which ones to include, I thought she had maybe 3/4 of the work done. No! Her list of the remaining steps and decisions before the book is a hold-in-your-hand reality leaves me exhausted, so I can't even imagine how she feels.

She needs a personal assistant. Someone you can look at and say, "Macy, after you answer all the emails, research and present me with types of paper, find out pricing for cover - color versus black & white, take this to the printer. Oh, and pick up my dry cleaning on your way back." In my fantasy for my sister and then, of course, me, I see that perky, energetic, tireless assistant who can take care of the endless organizational tasks leaving us to create and make the creative decisions.

Don't all of you creative artists, writers, artisans who are trying to run a business need a Macy?

In my case, if I didn't have to be on the phone or email shepharding my business through shows, etsy and stores, I can be awash in fabrics, piecing together the dresses and watching them emerge, creating new designs. Ahhh, bliss! Instead I'm up to my neck in paper - email and  microsoft office. I need to create a time line for the Georgetown Art Center, email artists and artisans for the gift shop portion, talk budget for the art center booth at the Red Poppy Fest, plus a few more necessary and urgent tasks. Oh,  if only I could swivel my chair around and say, "Macy, take care of this." Then I could work on the next onesie.

Well, a girl (truth in advertising, an old lady) can dream.

Here are 2 dresses that are making their debut at the Red Poppy Fest in the Annarella Girl  booth. I'm in love with the vivid colors.


Notice one fabric is common to both, but the pallette of each is totally different. That's part of the fun in what I do. I hope you are smiling as you look at them. The joy I take in looking at their vivid colors and the pride I take in a job well done, give me a push forward to the to do list. I'm going to corral some of that paper work!!! 

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Jane Estes said...

Ellie, I was just saying this same thing to Misty last night. She needs one, too. Maybe we could go in thirdsies on an assistant! Whaddaya say?