Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I Make Clothes for Little Girls

I'm working on a colonial style dress for my daughter, the teacher. As her fifth grade classes study colonial times this fall, they will have a colonial day celebration. So I'm sewing her a dress. And it reminds me of all the sewing tasks that I avoid by working on my Annarella Girl clothes. At this stage of my life I can indulge my passion with AG without the tiresome, boring (for me) details.

Yeah, no inset sleeves. Thats right so far all my designs have ties or straps because I dislike the picky steps to doing set in sleeves. I am thinking of doing a dress with raglan sleeves which I find to be so much easier, but so far no design for one. It often takes me years of "thinking" before my light bulb goes off.

Loads of fabric. The tables in my sewing room are set up for short pieces of fabrics. The largest things I have to cut out are 18 inches long. Adult clothes take up so much more room. Just to cut out the pattern pieces for the skirt I had to move to the dining room and extend that table to its fullest. Not a huge deal for one project, but a pain if I was doing this constantly. And the amount of fabric in the skirt is astounding. Normally that much material would last me 2 years and 30 dresses. For this garment I'm running it through the machine all at one time.

Zippers. I avoid them when possible. I'm not sure why. It's just a step I don't want to do on a regular basis. Sounds like I'm lazy. You betcha!!!

Fittings. Now, I'm glad fo an excuse to visit my daughter, but I'm not a fan of fittings. When dealing with a commercial pattern, not something I usually use, I know that I need to do a fitting of the bodice before I attach skirt. Keep your fingers crossed as I strongly dislike taking apart and redoing. There are seamstresses out there who are terrific at alterations. Bless them! I'm not one of them. It's a nightmare for me. This is the biggest reason I don't create custom clothing for adults - fit is so crucial.

Designing and making clothes for little girls is definitely in my comfort zone. I can avoid a lot of the unpleasant details and enjoy the creative process. Bring on the colors. Revel in the soft cottons and corduroys. I'm a happy sewer.

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