Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer, Again

So soon - the 100's are back. Can't stand it. The mid 90's were feeling so good. I think we've had 85 days in the 100's this summer. And no rain. Lawns, bushes, trees are so sad. Fire is a real threat. Had friends who lost everything in the Bastrop fire which is still not entirely extimguished. Devastating.

Still working on the colonial dress. It's one of those projects filled with little glitches. Hope the next fitting goes better than last. Please, please, please.

Working on products for my fall shows. This is going well. (At last, something that is positive!) Of course, I'll never have as many dresses, jumpers or onesies that I would like. But I'm excited about showing new jumpers. Can you see the lovely embroidered black corduroy below. My camera doesn't like black. Any suggestions?

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