Wednesday, January 27, 2010

12 weeks of silence

I'm back!! After twelve weeks of thinking, working, and creating I'm once again going to write. In my mind I have been speaking to you all along. I just haven't gotten the thoughts to the blog. So here goes a little catching up.

Holidays came and went with lots of food, gifts, laughs and love. Kids and grandkids all pitched in to make the days happy. Here's Ryanne doing her best to make us all smile. She's so cute!!!

My workroom has been humming. I've been perfecting a design for a top which goes with embellished capri leggings. And also a romper for the under 2's. This has been a challenge but great fun. It takes some trial and error to move from my vision to the polished reality. Very rewarding when it finally gels.
Romper with shoulder ties and elasticized waist. So bright and summery!

I was hoping to introduce the new fabrics and designs in a show the first week of March. Unfortunately they ran out of room before they got to me on the wait list so I'll wait until the Wilmington Flower Market in May. Or if anybody would like to have a inhome trunk show in March or April let me know.

Top with embellished leggings. Not a great pic but maybe you can get the idea.

More pics and chit chat to come in the days ahead.


Maryjean said...

I LOVEEEE the new rompers and can't wait to see them at the Wilmington Festival in May :) do you do online trunk shows or do they have to be inhome? I am a little far for an in home

ellie said...

Maryjean, Never thought of an online trunk show. Clever idea. I'll give it some thought.