Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunshine and Lollipops

Something good has happened to someone I love. I'm not allowed to tell yet, but I want to share the warm fuzzy feeling I have. Do you all react to good news the way I do?

First I just want to absorb the news, Rather passively with few questions I want to just float in the buoyancy of the news. Turning it this way and that to examine it. Just luxuriate in the joy. Examine its shininess. Become comfortable with its impact. I find I do this over and over off and on for days.

Then as it settles in I find my voice for all the questions. How will it impact the person or persons involved? What exactly is going to happen next? Etc?

So for now its like my new penny - so shiny and smooth - I can't stop looking at it, running my mind over it and smiling. Yipee!

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