Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flowers on a gray day

Today is a gray day. Sky is flat and drizzlly. After a couple of weeks of warm, often sunny days, the weatherpeople say we are in for rain and cold. I'm hoping all the moisture will pay off in a glorious wildflower season. Meanwhile I work on some flowers here in the sewing room.

My jumping off vision was to make a top which was similar to the dresses - a mix of fabric colors and patterns, but shorter - to be worn with leggings. In order to make leggings different, Annarella Girlish, I added a crocheted border and a flower. Tried to show the results in yesterday's blog posting but the pictures weren't good. So here I go again with a close up to give a better idea.

Green flower with rose pink center. Lace edging in white. Hope this pic comes a bit closer to capturing the cuteness. Imagine the leggings peeking out under the top which can be seen above.

For the moment I'm tweaking the crocheted flower and edging. Again it's the exercise of bringing the imagined design into the world of reality. That process creates immense joy and/or immense frustration.

More to come on a daily basis!


tskross said...

its nice to see you back!!

JC & The Sunshine Band said...

I'm glad to see you are back to writing. We do read it you know!

I love rainy days. They make me want to stay home and draw. The leggings look great, keep up the good work.