Friday, January 29, 2010

Beauty Soothes the Beast

Gray days. Isolation. and what else. Gray skies bring on gray thoughts, but pieces of beauty chase them away. Here's some of the beauty in my life today.

Go to "Beautiful/Decay" online magazine to see work by Christopher St. Leger. I love the figure work. What he does with watercolors is so fluid and vibrant. The skaters are remarkable. You can see more of his work by clicking on his name on the sidebar of this blog.
Bright colors. Sometimes I think I may be going too loud. But then I look around and love the saturated hues.

Sometimes I feel like this is all for naught and then I hear from a fan or receive a picture of a little cutie looking adorable in a dress. So I keep going. Besides what else would I be doing with my time and all these fabrics?

What better way to wile away a gray day than to read. I've been loving Gail Tsukiyama. Her writing is so spare yet filled with grace. Set in China she writes about families and relationships. (The exception so far is "Dreaming Water" which dels with terminal illness and how it effects the patient, the caregiver and friends.) I just finished "The Samurai's Garden." I've now read 6 of her novels and have loved each one. If your not familiar with her works, try one and let me know what you think.

My final ray of beauty today is hearing from you all after my extended absence. Thanks for the kind comments. You all bring me smiles and companionship.

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