Thursday, April 9, 2009

Continuing the saga

Thanks to all the comments and feedback from my last post concerning my struggle with photography. You all were kind and generous. I decided that I needed to practice, so this morning I took my camera into my workroom to see if I could capture the essence of it.

(My analysis of the primary reason for my inadequate photos is that when I'm looking at viewfinder I see what I think/want to be there, not the actual image. Not until I see the published image do I notice all the clutter, fuzziness or lack of composition. It's kind of my approach to my own image in a mirror.)

This is where I spend most of my time these days. Notice the comfy swivel chair. I can go from cutting and pinning to ironing just by turning. (Lazy, lazy!) Seriously this layout works really well since every sewer knows that after the sewing machine, the most importabt piece of equipment is a good iron. P.S. The painting is an early one by my son, Tyson Skross. Check out his website.My sewing center with all the threads and ribbons in easy reach. You'll notice that I'm surrounded by family pictures. It makes me smile to have them all so close. And my vice - TV. Its always on - and frequently to junk - I confess to a love of talk shows, court TV and reality shows - Oprah, Jon & Kate, and Judge Judy are among my favorites. Of course, Project Runway - "make it work" is inspiring.Scraps and pieces. My bolts are beside my table. Painting is done by my talented daughter-in-law, Allyson Smith, who has her master's thesis show hanging April 14 at the art gallery at the University of Indiana in Bloomington. I'll be there for the opening on April 17. Can't wait!

More family photos. And the new table covers for Annarella Girl's booth at the Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So much better than the stark white.New dresses ready to take this weekend.Work in progress that I'm hoping to finish tonight.Patiently waiting.... this old gal is Zoie. Notice the carpet which is always full of threads and scraps of cuttings. Maybe someday a hard wood floor will appear. There used to be a bed in this room which was taken out so I'd have an organized and focused workroom. Zoie still misses the bed where she would nap away all the hours I worked. She isn't comfortable on the floor where she fears being stepped on. A real possibility!

So I'll keep practicing with my camera. These are slightly better. I'll take pictures of our improved booth this weekend and maybe some satisfied customers.

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