Friday, October 10, 2008

Tips and Inspirations for Your Home

There are 3 trends in interior designs that help create serene but interesting rooms. Spaces that reflect the character of the individuals that live there. At Annarella Home designers, Pamela and Mindy, incorporate these ideas into many of their projects. Below are a few photos that I hope will show Blend, Layer and Mix. Enjoy.
BLEND - Notice the quiet color palette of this bedroom. It ranges from cream to taupe. So the whole is quiet and serene as a bedroom should be. What keeps it from boring? It doesn't all match. The turned foot posters of the bed are ornate, but the chairs in front are simple. By not matching everything perfectly the room becomes interesting, but the monochromatic color palette helps it all blend.

LAYER - Again a very subdued palette as a backdrop, but this rooms has so many different textures to keep it interesting. From the big block stone floor to the diamond patterned tile front on the fireplace to the rustic wood block mantel piece there is so much texture for the eyes and fingers to feel. It makes the smooth finish on the table and chairs pop. So often we think of textures being different fabrics in a space. Here I want you to think out of the box and add different natural materials like glass, iron, stone and wood to create a timeless space with interest.MIX - Put old and new together. Notice the dressing table which comes from an entirely different era than the bed. By mixing styles and eras but not adding lots of clutter, this bedroom has personality. It doesn't look like a catelogue page; it looks like it was put together to reflect the style and personality of the occupant. I think this should be the goal of every good design.

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Anonymous said...

These are just fabulous tips for the decorator wannabe. For someone who wishes she could know all the secrets of the design world but doesn't realize that she does have the potential to do some great things in her home. And working with a designer would just be so much fun. To collaborate ideas and color choices...what a blast! Pamela and Mindy are not only talented but gosh, they are simply great people!