Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seeing a good way

Red states, blue states.... Forget politics and the presidential race for a moment and enjoy the red at Annarella.

We just received this smashing red hutch. The finish is rubbed for a rustic but elegant look. what a spot of color for a dining room or kitchen. Frankly I'd like to design a eating nook in my kitchen around it. Where would you like to put it?Here's a close up of the finish. Although it looks fire engine red on my monitor, it is really a tad more a red velvet cake red.

And I know it's a little early for holidays and winter (especially here in central Texas) but Tea Forte has released their holiday collections.

This winter warmer has a red cafe cup with the hole in the top for their signature leaf and stem which will only be available for a limited time. It comes with two infusers in holiday blends: Sweet Orange Spice - an enticing blend of black tea, cinnamon and orange; and Crimson Nectar - a ruby red, herbal fruit tea. Yum! Here is a box of twenty infusers for the holiday season. This is great to have on hand for guests. Its so much fun to choose the flavor that fits your mood...Crimson Nectar, winter Chai (herbal blend of rooibos and spices), Sweet Orange Tea, White Ambrosia (white tea melded with vanilla and coconut) and English Breakfast (organic black tea).

If you're a tea drinker and haven't tried Tea Forte, we urge you to sample some. This is a product which is sophisticated and simply the best.

So come in and see some red.

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