Friday, September 26, 2008

Old business and new

Finally you can connect to this blog from Annarella's website. And always you can viit the website from my blog. (Oops I'll make sure the link is there as soon as I finish this.)

New! I'm working on setting up a store online. This is time consuming with lots of computer time and decisions. Oh, it makes my head spin. But I'm determined to work my way through the process. So far the folks at Yahoo have been very friendly and not at all condescending. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

When I stop and realize how far I've come with computers, its amazing. I'll never be very literate. but I can cope with just a little bit of teeth-gnashing, nail-biting and name-calling.

On to some reminders - this weekend is the cattle drive and chuckwagon cook-off. Tonight starts with a chuckwagon dessert cook-off and a concert. FREE! Its all at San Gabriel park. I'm open til 8, so stop here to say hi!

Next Friday starts the Art Hop juried art show. There are some vey good pieces from artists all over Texas. The exhibit lasts the month of October and can be found at the Georgetown Library, 8th Street Studios, The Framers Gallery and Annarella. Don't miss this.

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