Sunday, September 21, 2008

Final floor clearance for 2008

For a year we've been changing here at Annarella. Our thrust has been to find furniture and accessories that are price-friendly and eco-friendly.Its been an exciting challenge, but we found Lee Furniture who make stylish, comfortable and durable upholstered sofas, chairs, benches and stools. For tables, armoires and wood goods we've decreased our imported stock and bought American. Not only are these solid wood but the carbon footprint created in their making is less. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported us through this adventure.

Now the final arrival of new floor pieces is near. In order to keep our signature look - uncluttered, airy and bright - we have a select group of furniture we want to sell to make room for our last shipment. Here are some pictures and info:

corner armoire with removable shelves - originally $1898, now $898

loveseat with pillows - originally $1850, now $925

chair - originally $1619, now $800

solid mahogany armoire with leather trim and TV ready - originally $3550, now $1420

vineyard table with 2 arm chairs and 4 side chairs - originally $3965, now $1750

trestle table with hand carved apron - originally $3800, now $1900

You can see we're serious about these special savings. There are several more chairs and a gel-burning fireplace also. If you see something interesting, come in as soon as possible. At these prices we don't anticipate that these pieces will last long.

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