Friday, September 19, 2008

Celebrity Inspirations

Some days I just like to look at pictures for inspiration. It sounds rather lazy and indulgent, but really it is expanding my mind and feeding my imagination. So I want to share some pictures from a new design book by Margaret Russell and the editors of Elle Decor titled So Chic.

While some of the rooms featured are over the top or look very stiff - (ie. a designer did this and no one really lives here), I liked the rooms that feature comfort, airy space, and no clutter. Hope you enjoy them, too.
This is Ben Stiller's terrace. Doesn't it look comfy and not overdone? It mixes neutral colors which don't distract from the surrounding lush foliage. A few bright pillows add a punch of color for interest. Its simplicity and serenity make it seem to work for many different functions. I imagine it being a natural place for the family to gather during the day, or a great spot to relax with drinks and friends in the evening. Sarah Jessica Parker's dining room in her Bridgehampton home. Designers talk about eclectic styling and putting together elements that don't match. This is such a good example! By painting and upolstering all the different chairs in black, they all "go together," but the interest of the variety is not lost. And spotlighting them in a white room makes a wow statement.

Isn't this a spectacular tapestry over a bed covered in embroidered silk bedding and pillows? Tamara Mellon"s London bedroom is elegant and romantic but stops short of being fussy. The matching lamps and bedside chests complement the space and add function to the room, but don't distract from the drama of the focal point, tapestry and bed. The simple bouquet of flowers on only one chest adds a touch of surprise and informality. Well done!

Did you get any ideas? I certainly did. Beautiful can be simple, family friendly and comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Love Sarah Michelle's dining area. I have always loved mixing styles while matching colors. It's quirky and chic!