Friday, July 10, 2009

Heat Wave

We seem to be stuck in a heat wave....correction an ENDLESS heat wave. Forgive the whining. I know we choose to live where our weather battle is heat rather than cold, but that doesn't mean we have to enjoy 100+ day after day. Give us 90-95 degree summer days just for a break!

How do you beat the heat? I try to get any and all errands finished before noon. I find myself creating large salads to eat for dinner. I keep ceiling fans going in most of the rooms. I drink lots of iced water. Not bottled, but speaking of that...have you seen the skating babies ad for Evian water? Click here for "you tube" look.

The weathermen don't see any relief anytime soon. We've already had 20 days over 100. So I will try to think of ways to minimize its impact on me. Its a good thing that the fabrics I'm working with are all cottons. I just don't think I could work with woolens in this kind of weather.

Meanwhile I'm mentally sailing into a COOL sunset for the next couple of days.

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