Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Guess what...this is my 100th blog. So it is my blog birthday.

When I started, this blog was going to be a window into the business of Annarella. Well, we've come a long way, baby. Annarella has closed. Pamela Skross is now solo with her business, Annarella Home Design Studio. Her physical space is still at 800 S Austin Ave in downtown Georgetown. For now she keeps all her samples and books in the same small design studio space just off the atrium. She also caretakes the atrium keeping it a calm and comfortable space to relax and talk. She is keeping busy with a variety of projects. Without any prejudice I recommend her as the best designer in central Texas and beyond. Call her, email, or check out the design section of Annarella online.

As you all know I've started Annarella Girl, a clothing line for babies to girls. I make limited edition and special order dresses and skirts. Check out my etsy page. This blog has becomes mostly about the development of this business as I work my way through the decisions of both the business and the design process. Occasionally family sneaks in. And more often I still support artists whose work I admire and love.

I wonder where I'll be in my evolution by blog 200. My life and my business have changed radically in the last year, and my forcast is that it will change more in the following year. Thanks for visiting with me. I hope you all will keep coming back. Rarely does anybody make comments, but when I'm out and about I'm always surprised by the nimber of people who tell me they read the blog. So I'll keep posting about Annarella Girl and everything else that catches my attention and I want to share.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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susan said...

happy birthday, dear friend. champagne toasts and caviar dreams to the next 100! love to read about your adventures!