Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Annarella goes BOGO

These are extraordinary days for the small retailer. We are definitely feeling the effects of a slowing economy. In fact we could have told all the talking heads a year ago that this was in the wind. We spend so much time talking and listening to the consumer.And there were hints of a cooling off last holiday season. But who listens to us?

Anyway... Annarella Home is having an unprecedented sale - Buy One item at marked price and Get One of equal or lesser value at 50% off. This makes it a great opportunity for picking up gifts for everyone on your list. Or a great time to save money while stocking up on some of your favorites.

Murval bags - buy one for yourself and get one to give as a gift. These have interior pockets which make them practical as well as being fashionable.

We carry Thymes in the original Gold Leaf scent as well as Lavendar and Kimona Rose.

Cleaning almost becomes a pleasure when using the Caldrea products. All scents are essential oils so people with allergies can enjoy the smell without the tearing and sneezing.

Tea Forte offers the perfect way to say thank you to teachers and co-workers. Plus slip some in a stocking for all the over-worked mothers to relax with.

Don't forget the Lighting of the Square on Friday, November 28 at 6pm. There will be carols sung by choirs, hot chocolate and cookies. We always have a candy cane or tow just waiting for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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