Monday, August 4, 2008

What kind of a week is it going to be?

I like to collect obscure anniversaries and celebrity birthdays. Of course, my definition of celebrity might be different from most; I am refering to accomplished people living or dead, not someone who is known for social hi-jinks. (Yes, I've just dated myself badly, but check my profile I do admit to being a grandmother.) Now with all that said, let's hear it for "Happiness Happens" and National Win with Civility" Month.

Favorite anniversaries - Aug 3 1492 Columbus sets out to the New World. Well, without this we wouldn't be here. Especially in an election year, we need to remember our history of how we got here. What courage to sail off into the great unknown - no radar, no cell phones just faith in an idea. Wow. So, hooray, Columbus.

- Aug 5 "American Bandstand" TV premier 1957. I can remember racing home from school to watch Dick Clark and the gang just like in "Hairspray." Art does imitate life!

Fav birthdays: Aug 4 - Louis Armstrong

Andy Warhol - see his self portrait above.

Aug. 8 - Marjorie Rawlings. Her book, The Yearling, turned many kids on to reading. Plus for a good cry rent and watch the movie version, also called "The Yearling."
Hope you enjoy these links. Have a good couple of days.

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