Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Show and Tell with Pamela

I asked Pamela to tell this audience a little about her design perspecive. Those who know Pamela realize that by asking her to verbalize her vision, I'm pushing her outside her comfort zone. So if you enjoy this post, please let her know.

Nine years ago I approached my children about my idea to open a retail gallery. After discussing the idea and the possibilities my daughter-in-law,Pamela, agreed to be my partner in my dream. She had experience in retail and design from being a manager of Expressions Furniture in Austin; so we combined my love of art and crafts with her knowledge of furniture and eye for design to create Annarella Home. Now 8 years and two children later we are still partners, still enjoying our store and still following our dream.

Design projects have become a huge part of our business. Pamela's reputation as a talented designer keeps her busy. She is creative, innovative and most importantly responsive to her client's needs. Enjoy her words along with some pictures from several of her projects.
Do you have favorite elements of design that you enjoy the most? My favorite thing is putting it all together at the end. After the client chooses their big pieces of furniture, I get to shop for surprise accessories, pillows, art and rugs. I usually kick the homeowners out of their house for the day of the install. When they come back the look on their faces is priceless! That is my favorite part!!!How do you stay up with new trends and products? New products...Market and TV. New design they come shortly after fashion. Whatever the new colors are in the fashion world, you know that they will be out in home interior styles shortly. I do have to say that I don't like "trendy" though. My goal is to create something the client will enjoy living in for a long time...not just until the "trend" is over. Also I work with so many families that I think listening to what is functional for them and then making it beautiful is the most important trend of all.What designers do you admire? I like quite a few, but my favorite is probably Candice Olsen. We don't get to do a lot of modern design here in Texas so I love watching her put together her modern or classic contemporary rooms! Are there any home and design magazines that you recommend? Not really. I usually tell clients to look through them all and pull out pages of things that really speak to them, There might be one thing in a picture that they like, such as a window treatment or a sofa. It really helps to have a magazine portfolio to show the designer so we can all be on the same page and create the dream room they want.What style is your home? A bit eclectic but mostly comfy and kid friendly!!! I love neutrals punched with color and a lot of texture in everything.


Anonymous said...

Pamela is not only a talented designer but a great mom/wife and a smart, funny, and especially beautiful person!!

ellie said...

Yes, yes, yes! I'm lucky to have her as my partner.