Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sid Dickens Have Arrived

It's always a big event when we receive a shipment of Sid Dickens tiles. If you're familiar with these hand-crafted plaster wall tiles, you'll know why we are excited. Little pieces of art inspired by ancient manuscripts, myths and relics of the past - they are memory blocks. Below I share a few images from his latest series. On the back they are titled and printed with a few lines about their inspiration.


Abundant beauty,

Joy in such a measure,

Hearts feast.

Each memory block incorporates a unique chunk of history in a very modern way. Some designs are finished to a porcelain like quality and others are cracked with the look of weathered stone for an aged look. They project a timeless quality which is beloved by collectors.

Words we parted for,
Tenuous waits; days long.
Know my only allegiance is to you.
Out of his studio in Vancouver Sid Dickens tells the story of his journey to creating the 6"x8" blocks. Read it on his website. He says, "People like to feel they are an integral part of the story of humanity, and my tiles have the weight and feel of another era, a time when things were more permanent and longlasting."Heraldry
Protector of dominions,
Nature's stalwart lance.

Each year the artist designs a new collection. Spring of 2008 is the Empire, designs "to remind us of our place in history and those who have shared it."


This beauty; solemn twig.

Nature's oracle,

Hearkening tomorrow's bloom.

Some people like to display a tile singly on a small wall or propped on a stand on a table Others like to group them together which makes a dramatic art installation. See what Pamela did in a showcse home several years ago.

Our order is going fast. We will order again in two weeks to accomodate everyone's wants. The next order will be received in mid-November so now is the time to place Christmas requests.

PS. Sorry about the erratic line spacing. I continue to be blog challenged!

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