Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flower Market Revisited

Meet Ellie. That's right, this young lady shares my name. Her grandmother bought her a dress but couldn't find a hairband she liked. So she returned on Saturday for a day of fun and picked up a headband I made especially for her. I love her painted face. She is a new favorite of mine! So like an Annarella Girl - quiet in demeanor, but a penchant for wild colors!!!

It has come to my attention that some mothers are hanging the dresses in the closet to save for a special occasion. Please don't. These garments wash and dry well. I create them with the hope that they will be loved by the girls and worn often. So take them out of the closet. They need to dance, swing, hang upside down and twirl with each Annarella girl.

The response of you all at the Market was remarkable. I can't say it often made me feel so loved with your appreciation of the dresses, tops with leggings, rompers, skirts etc. For an artisan who works in solitude wondering if the images in the head are being translated truthfully by the hands, your smiles and comments affirmed that I am on the right path!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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