Friday, August 14, 2009

A Mind Vacation

I've been on a mind vacation. Did you miss me? I burrowed into my hole here, othewise know as my workroom, sewed and sewed; but while it looked like everthing was normal, I took my mind to the beach.

Watched the pelicans soar the waves, the gulls swerve and sweep, dolphins cavort in joyous leaps. Stood at the edge of the surf where the sand was pulled beneath my feet. Wept with mindless summer novels. Gorged on fresh boiled shrimp and summer salads. Slept deeply rocked with the rhythm of the waves.

It was a great mental break where I revisited all my summer trips to beaches up and down the Eastern seaboard, but now I'm back. Ready to deal with the essentials of Annarella Girl - designing labels, posting on etsy, bringing my books up to date, etc. Those parts that are not as fun as the sewing and designing.

Check out esty page starting tomorrow as I put some of my summer dresses and skirts on sale, 30% off, to make room for the fall and winter styles and colors!

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