Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Feast for Your Eyes

A pause from the business of sewing....a recess from the business of creating....a look at art refreshes my soul. I invite you to feast your eye on these artists; your soul will be fed.
All these artists are drawing inspiration from history, present and future. Their palettes and scenes are a blend of simple and complex. Enjoy their works on the surface or delve into meanings. The paintings will bring you pleasure at whatever level you want to experience.

Dan Zinno has a new series titled Unearthed. Color-saturated surfaces are broken with decorative designs; the robust and the dainty side by side.

Go to Zinno's website, to see the whole series and read what he has to say about his process.

Tracy Helgeson was brought to my attention by Dan Zinno. I love her blocky shapes and bright colors. It all looks so simple until you sink into the colors and realize how many variations there are.

In her words she says that she tries to simplify her landscapes without losing the personality. Go to her website,, to learn more about her and her work.

Tyson Skross has posted his new work from his Berlin exhibit. He is doing some small sculptures which are intriquing. The paintings implode with color and content as he explores the relationship of history with the modern life.

Go to his website,, to experience his latest works.

Allyson Smith also refers to history for her works. As a figurative artist her history is personal yet universal. She allows, even encourages, the viewer to apply his/her own story to the paintings.

I love the optimistic energy that flows from her lines and colors. Check out her web site,

My spirit is revived through my enjoyment of the paintings from these 4 talented artists. My soul is fed. I hope you will get the same pleasure as you look at the websites. Give your eyes a feast.

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